When was the last time you had fun making a website?

Yeah, that's what we figured.

Tinker is the fastest, easiest, MOST SICK way to create and edit web sites ever made.

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Why Tinker?

Mostly because of how amazing it is in every conceivable way.

apples do not equal oranges
No more trial-and-error editing

Tinker has real WYSIWYG. No need to go to a separate admin panel that shows you a completely different version of your site; you edit your content on the web page itself. You see how your page will look to your users as you make changes.

it's nice to go back when things go wrong
Everybody makes mistakes

With built-in automatic drafts and revisions, you or your clients will never have to worry about losing important content when you get a little too ambitious in your edits. You can preview any version, and even make edits to them, before making the changes live.

drag and drop is legit!
Drag and Drop it like it’s hot

Moving content, reordering pages, uploading and swapping images… you can do all these as easily as you could in a Word document. And in several minutes less time than it takes to open Word.

Caution! Tinker is too fast!
It's “how-is-this-even-possible?” fast

Tinker doesn’t use a database. Unlike most website content management systems, Tinker saves directly to the HTML files on your site. This means that your site’s viewers will see a static page—with virtually no overhead—that loads quickly and reliably, even if you decide to stop using Tinker.

it's a piece of cake
Easy on developers

Tinker is easy to learn, giving developers fine-grained control over what’s editable, while still enabling site editors to easily update content without a lot of support. You can convert an existing HTML page to be tinkerable in minutes, or start your site with one of the built-in templates to get cranking right away.
It’s… a piece of cake. ^^

a multitool that can do it all
So flexible, and yet so powerful!

All that, plus : Tinker comes with built-in SEO controls, an intuitive file manager interface, automatic page creation, user accounts for different types of users, powerful plugins to add or improve features, a modular page templating system to be able to create whole-site page layouts, and A BUNCH MORE.™

Oh yeah, and it’s free

Uhhh… for now. As a beta tester, you can install Tinker for free until we officially launch later this year. But don’t worry, go ahead, make as many sites as you want. Even when we go pro, you won’t lose a thing.

What do other people
think of tinker?

Tinker is indeed a paradigm-shattering phenomenon, but don’t take our word for it.

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Thom H.

Creator of Tinker

“I had Tinker up and running in minutes. The whole thing is just so fast and intuitive. I’ve learned to love life again.”

Photo of a happy Tinker customer

Barb H.

My mother

“That's pretty neat!”

Photo of a happy Tinker customer

Thom H.

Me again

“Is this some sort of sorcery? Tinker is by farrrrrrr the easiest way to edit a website.”

Photo of a happy Tinker customer

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